Here is a list of further information that we will keep expanding as time allows

Gardens for Wildlife Victoria has a website which explains the principles of wildlife gardening and has extra resources including other publications.

What elements make a garden for wildlife

Gardens for Wildlife – links to other municipalities that have this program

General gardening – Gardening Australia Factsheets 

Sustainable Gardening Australia  

Habitat Gardening 

South Australian native bee site

Nature at Home Hub

Remember the Wild

Native Garden Plan

Corangamite VVP Gardens for Wildlife 

Planning a garden in a fire prone area

If you live in a fire prone area, planning for fire may be an important component to consider when creating a wildlife garden. The CFA has published a very handy guide to assist you in your planning link 

If you live in an area on the urban fringe or close to bushland or open grassland then you need to be prepared for fire. Bushfire Resilience Inc. has a very informative series of webinars to assist everyone to prepare for fire. link 

Wildlife  - care of sick and injured wildlife

The Ballarat Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation group was established in July this year by Ballarat wildlife carers and veterinary professionals to respond to the growing need for specialised care of sick and injured wildlife in Ballarat and surrounding areas.

More information view their website      BWRAC Facebook Page: Ballarat Wildlife Rehabilitation & Conservation Inc

Record what you see

iNaturalist is a place to record insects, fungi, fauna that you see in your garden. Upload photos, take a guess at what it is and others may help identify it. 


Fungi play an import role in the garden. They are not necessarily something to worry about if you see them in the garden. There are some that are poisonous. To learn more view this fascinating  fungimap video - A beginners guide to fungi identification

FungiMap – record, map and information about fungi in Australia

Join a local club and learn more about nature

most organisations have a Facebook or Instagram page which have lots of useful ideas

Find a Landcare Group  

Australian Plants Society Ballarat District Facebook      

Birdlife Ballarat

Field Naturalist Club of Victoria Group

Field Naturalist Club Ballarat 


Nature Journaling - don't forget to put a seat in your garden and take time to enjoy your space and even take up a relaxing activity like nature journaling.

Take photos of what you see and send some to us, we would love to share them on our social media platforms.

Nearby Gardens for Wildlife Programs 

Hepburn Gardens for Wildlife on Facebook

Moorabool Gardens for Wildlife on Facebook, or Website

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Habitat - a practical guide to creating a wildlife-friendly Australian garden by A B Bishop

Grow Wild - Gardening to sustain wildlife in Hepburn Shire by Jill Teschendorff

Many Councils have Gardens for Wildlife booklets - check out their websites