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Register for a free visit and help make your garden a haven for local wildlife. It may take a long time to visit you as currently we have a full calendar of visits. 

Join the many other Ballarat residents providing more opportunities for wildlife to live in their gardens.


Our trained garden guides/visitors come to your garden and provide ideas and a short report on how to attract more wildlife to your garden. 

They’ll provide practical ideas on how to attract birds, insects, butterflies, lizards and other small wildlife to your garden.


You’ll receive a members’ pack with information on how to create a garden for wildlife

and a welcome pack of free local indigenous plants to help you on your wildlife gardening journey.


Sign up to our mailing list to receive invitations to upcoming events (local and elsewhere) where you can 

learn more from experts and meet other enthusiastic wildlife gardeners.

Register your interest by sending us an email: 

Please indicate whether you want a garden visit, to be added to our mailing list or to be a garden guide 

and provide your name, address & phone number

Please note as of 1/1/23 you will be placed on a waiting list and it may take some time to contact you. 

We already have a lot gardens to visit so in the meantime please follow us on social media or read more on our website to get ideas for your garden.

Goodenia ovata

Hop Goodenia

Brachyscome multifida 

Cut-leaf Daisy

Acacia genistifolia

Spreading Wattle

Bursaria spinosa

Sweet Bursaria

Volunteer Garden Visitors

Occasionally we look for volunteer garden guides.  We provide an initial information session then ongoing training. New volunteers are paired with more experienced volunteers.

Volunteers need to be interested in gardening, willing to learn about what wildlife need in a garden, love talking to others and sharing gardening idea and hints. Garden visitors go in pairs to the gardener’s garden and the visit takes about an hour. Sometimes longer if there is a lot to discuss. We share ideas and information.

We learn a lot from other gardeners and by seeing what they do in their gardens and exchanging ideas and experiences. We are not providing a garden design service but a sharing and exchanging of ideas and information on how to begin the journey to making gardens more friendly for wildlife. 

A small report is provided to the gardener a few weeks after the visit which is a basic record of the visit and some of the ideas presented.

We also provide a collection of 20 indigenous plants to get gardens started. The plants are grown locally by volunteers in the City of Ballarat Indigenous Plant Nursery, in Gillies Street, Wendouree. We thank the City of Ballarat for their support in this part of the project.

Register your interest by sending us an email


Garden Skink

Ringtail Possum

Blue Tongue Lizard